Electronics get your plant running

The manroland web produktionsgesellschaft’s electronic manufacturing assembles diverse electronic aggregates according to customer requirements: simple minor components as well as power cabinets, control cabinets, communication cabinets and large, complex operating cabinets.

The complete project execution, from planning and surveying existing units to the start-up and customer briefing, is realized through a single source. The service range includes, besides cabinet construction, a well-advanced cable production with a wide variety of cables and their standardized labelling.

Whether it be a standard or custom order, with customized coating or as a stainless-steel version: The production of the control cabinets will match the local and product-technical infrastructure at the customer’s site. The manroland web systems production company therefore delivers units in well-tried formats as well as in customized special versions – always after a thorough final inspection.

Electronic installation offers you:

  • customized control cabinets
  • project management from a single source
  • professional cable production

Contact person: Josef Gollinger
Tel +49 (0)821 424-2807 · Fax +49 (0)821 424-2700
eMail: josef.gollinger@manroland-wp.com