manroland web produktionsgesellschaft: 170 years of production experience in Augsburg

Tradition, experience and pure competence: the manroland web produktionsgesellschaft emerged from manroland web systems. The latter set milestones in printing press manufacturing. This fact is closely linked to the know-how and the machinery for unparalleled precision in the production of workpieces as well as the reliable assembly of generators. In 1845 Augsburg’s first rapid press was manufactured. In the following 170 years the workpieces, which were mostly for printing presses, got larger and more intricate. The machine performance was boosted and the processes got more efficient. This efficient production of absolute precision parts with state-of-the-art machine tools is the standard to this day at the manroland web produktionsgesellschaft. The same quality standard applies to electrical installation. Mechanical engineering in Augsburg has been actively driving the merging of mechanics and electronic engineering since the 1980ies. The result of this is that, today, manroland web production occupies a leading role in the production of precision workpieces.

1845, when it all began: Sandersche Maschinenfabrik founded by Carl August Reichenbach and Carl Buz (1844) supplied the first rapid press. Versatile: In the workshops, 56 employees manufactured water wheels, turbines and steam boilers as well as hand and rapid presses.

1873, World Exhibition in Vienna: The first German “machine for printing endless paper” manufactured in Augsburg, causes excitement: Innovative production implements the newest ideas in printing press manufacturing.

1892, official training enterprise: systematic apprentice training commences in an independent apprentice workshop.

1898, change of name: “Vereinigte Maschinenfabrik Augsburg“ and “Maschinenbaugesellschaft Nürnberg A.G., Augsburg” (from 1908: “Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg AG”).

1921, first web offset press: The machine was constructed in the Augsburg plant with a Berlin format for effortless straight and perfection printing with a folder. Fantastic: Soon afterwards the largest German rotary press is manufactured in Augsburg (1925)

From 1945, resumption of production: After the war, kitchen stoves and sausage stuffers are first produced in the destroyed workshops.

1958, first fast running, high-pressure rotary press: The printing press runs with 30,000 cylinder revolutions per hour. Innovative construction: The increased speed is partly the result of a new form of encapsulation of the printed items.

1974, COLORMAN with 62 printing units: In 1974 COLORMAN, the first 17 web offset rotary press with 62 printing units is constructed. Assembly work: largest web offset press in Europe at the time.

1996, GEOMAN, O’Globo: In Augsburg, the parts of the world’s longest newspaper printing press are manufactured. Assembly work: The O’Globo GEOMAN in Rio de Janeiro has an impressive length of 250 meters.

2004, Digitalization: In 2004, the DICOweb is launched. Innovative: The only offset press in the world with integrated imaging and print form erasing.

2007, robotic integration: APL (AutoPlateLoading) replaces printing plates, fully automatically during newspaper printing.

2012, new owner: The Lübeck based Possehl-group takes over the web offset sector of manroland AG. The new company name: manroland web systems GmbH.

2012, one-touch-control concept: The new revolutionary control concept is a milestone for control station installations, based on touchpads for mobile use. Digitalization 2.0: One-touch is the control philosophy of the web 2.0 press generation.

2013, Digital Finishing Solutions: Installation of folding unit FoldLine and book block solution FormerLine for digital printing in Augsburg. Flexible: production line oriented towards new requirements.

2017, manroland web produktionsgesellschaft mbH: as a divested entity of the manroland web systems GmbH and companies of the Possehl-group, the manroland web produktionsgesellschaft starts its operations.